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Sacrifice for Pythia 8

In addition to the fortran generator interfaces, Sacrifice* is available as a separate standalone contribution to AGILe for steering Pythia 8. The development version is available from the contrib directory of the AGILe svn repository, and a tarball is available in the AGILe downloads area. Sacrifice includes options to use HepMC, LHAPDF and Photos++, as well as the ability to dynamically load Pythia UserHooks. Using the tarball on a CERN lxplus machine, or other slcX machine with access to AFS should ensure that all necessary libraries are found as follows:

 tar -zxvf Sacrifice-0.9.1.tar.gz
 cd Sacrifice-0.9.1
 ./configure --enable-photos --prefix=/installation/path
 make install

Note that Photos++ support is not enabled unless the --enable-photos option is used, and the path to the Photos++ installation must be given if the path to the Photos libraries cannot be found automatically (they should be found on an AFS-connected machine). Other dependencies may also need to be specified. The full list of options will be given by

  ./configure --help

Once installed, the necessary environment can be setup as follows:

  source /installation/path/share/PythiaMain/

after which the full list of commands can be listed with

  pythia --help

A simple example run would be

  pythia --collision-energy 8000 -i AU2-CTEQ6L1 -c "SoftQCD:all=on" -n 1000

and would write 1000 events to the default file pythia.hepmc using the ATLAS AU2 CTEQ6L1 tune at 8 TeV for soft QCD processes.

*According to the ancient Greek tradition, one should make a sacrifice before consulting the Pythia.

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